Car will not start

  • 2008 PONTIAC G6
  • 3.5L
  • V6
  • 230,000 MILES
I turn the key and the engine makes a noise like it is about to turn over but then doesn't. I then hear the starter spinning (sounds like a vacuum/no grinding) which stops a second or two after I stop turning the key. From what I can tell from my research is that the Bendix is spinning but not engaging the fly wheel. I was able to get it to turn on after about 15 minutes by repeatedly turning it until it finally caught and barely turned over. Since the starter is spinning I don't know if my solenoid is bad because if it was I don't the the starter would spin or if the Bendix is just clogged up and not fully engaging. So do I need a whole new starter or is there an easier fix?
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Saturday, October 26th, 2019 AT 2:19 PM

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Honestly, trying to fix starters anymore isn't worth the effort. By the time you get the parts, put it together, and pray it works, you could have gotten a new one.

Based on your description, it does sound like the Bendix isn't engaging. Since it turned slow when it did finally engage, I suspect the starter itself is going bad.

Here are a couple links that explain how one works and in general how one is replaced:

Starter Motor Replacement (With RPO Code LZ4)
Vehicle Starting and Charging Starting System Starter Motor Service and Repair Removal and Replacement Starter Motor Replacement (With RPO Code LZ4)
Starter Motor Replacement (With RPO Code LZ4)

Removal Procedure

pic 1

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Raise the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting.
3. Remove the flywheel inspection cover bolts.
4. Remove the flywheel inspection cover.
5. Remove the electrical connections from the starter motor.

pic 2

6. Remove the starter motor mounting bolts.
7. Remove the starter motor.

Installation Procedure

Notice: Before installing the starter motor to the engine, tighten the nut next to the cap on the solenoid BAT terminal. If this terminal is not tight in the solenoid cap, the cap may be damaged during installation of electrical connections and cause the starter motor to fail later.

pic 3

1. Install the starter motor to the engine.

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice.

2. Install the starter motor mounting bolts.

Tighten the bolts to 40 N.m (30 lb ft).

pic 4

3. Install the electrical connection to the battery terminal on the solenoid.

Tighten the battery terminal nut to 17 N.m (13 lb ft).

4. Install the electrical connections to the S terminal on the solenoid.

Tighten solenoid S terminal nut to 3 N.m (27 lb in).

5. Install the flywheel inspection cover.
6. Install the flywheel inspection cover bolts.

Tighten the flywheel inspection cover bolts to 10 N.m (89 lb in).

7. Lower vehicle.
8. Connect the negative battery cable.


Let me know if this helps or if you have other questions.

Take care,
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