2005 Pontiac G6



February, 24, 2012 AT 5:31 AM

2005 g6 dies and then nothing

My 2005 G6 has a 3500 v6 and it randomly will die and after it dies I turn the key and nothing happens. If I let it sit overnight and go back and try to crank it, it will then work like nothing ever happened.

Then maybe 2 months later the same thing will happen again. Then a Year later it will happen again. This is such an aggravating issue because I can never get a mechanic to take a look at it when it is dead because it always works by time the mechanic gets to it.

I have checked the wires to the starter and have a new battery. The car has plenty of charge because we try to jump it off and still, turn the key, and nothing happens. NOTHING!

All of the fuses are good, all of the relays are good, the starter is good. It just randomly dies while driving and then will do NOTHING until some time passes by.

Please help me! I do not trust this car!


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February, 24, 2012 AT 6:05 AM

I have a very similar situation with a 2002 Suburban, 5.3L. During operation, the instruments go dead and the trucks dies. When taken to the shop, the computer codes told the mechanic there was nothing wrong/no faults. Concurrently, the computer did not even confirm the trucks had 'died' the previous day. All fuzes/relays were checked, computer module checked, fuel pump pressure checked. This is the 3rd time in 3 months this has occurred. We've had the truck since '05 and have not had any other electrical issues previously.



February, 24, 2012 AT 9:18 PM

Have the ignition switch checked and also do you have a security light on/flashing



February, 24, 2012 AT 9:50 PM

Ok so I went back to the school today to get the car expecting it to crank. Usually when this happens it will crank if I just leave it over night, but I got there and it did not crank. Would not turn over or anything. Turn the key and no sound.

I then got under the hood and began to take a look at the battery and the cables etc. I followed the ground wire for the battery and jiggled it when my helper turned the key to the ignition and the car cranked.

The problem was that the ground wire was not grounded properly. Although it was on as tight as it could be, for some reason it still was not grounded. I moved the wire to a different spot under the hood and grounded it there! No problems since. I am glad I found the problem this is a 2+ year problem and something the mechanics that have looked at it have hopelessly not found an answer for.

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