2004 Buick Century Gas guage

Electrical problem
2004 Buick Century 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive 16500 miles

I think the floater is bad in it. As mentioned in one of your cases. It's sounds like I have the same problem. The gas needle moves back and fourth. Usually the car appears to be full of gas. When not. Where can I find a how-to book or instructions to fix it myself? Thanks for your help.
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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 AT 11:49 AM

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Your vehicle uses a fuel level sensor that is in the fuel tank to operate the fuel level gauge. Follow the steps below to replace it.

Close the Gas and Power Lines

Raise the rear hatch or open the trunk and take out the tire. Detach gas as well as electric power cables to the tank.

Remove Wiring and Tank Bearers

Unclip the electrical cables using a pair of small screwdrivers. Remove Tank Holders. Take out three bolts on the bearers that support the tank under the vehicle

Drop the Car Tank

Gradually move vehicle's gas tank down (a smaller amount of gasoline makes the tank lighter to hold). Ask a friend to help you to hold the tank with each person holding the other end.

Take off Clips

Remove the clips on the electrical attachment at the top of transmitting device (you should not detach the gas pipe because fuel will come out from the tank.

Take out Lock Ring

Using screwdriver and hammer rotate the lock ring at the top of the transmitting device to line up the lock tabs and channels. Remove the locking ring. Spray with lubricating oil to minimize the friction when spinning the locking ring.

Remove Fuel Level Sensor

Take out transmitting device entirely from the gas tank. Locate the fuel level sensor. It is often situated on the very bottom part. Remove the clip from the harness and it slide off the sensor.

Fit new Fuel Level Sensor

Install a new gas level sensor. Repeat the steps from the last to the first in reverse to replace the units on the vehicle tank and you are finished. It will require roughly two hours to do re-assemble.

Note: When there is insufficient space to access the transmitting unit, you must decrease the volume of fuel in the tank first to reach the top. Decrease the tank fuel volume to roughly 1/4 tank of gasoline.
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