2007 Toyota Camry



January, 28, 2011 AT 2:29 AM

Toyota camry 2007. The abs brake and egine lights come on. Also the speedometer stops working. I took it to the toyota dealership and they first said that it was the left brake sensor. They fixed it and then called me and said that it was the brake actuator.

I took it for a second opinion and the codes read Codes of P0500 Veh. Speed Sensor, als C0200-R/F Speed Sensor, C0205 - L/F Speed Sensor, C0215-L/R Speed Sensor along with C0331- Left Front Speed Sensor- Open Circuit. He suggested that this meant that the new sensor was also bad and that it needed to be replaced again.

Does this seem like the case or do you believe that it is actually the brake actuator. It is a 2000 dollar part and am needing all input before I do it.

Also if that is the case would it be ok to drive it as is until I can save the money to get it fixed?


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September, 5, 2012 AT 11:09 PM

Hi There,

i have the exact same problem. Dealear told me to replace brake actuator to fix this proble. Can you please tell me with your expereince what actually you did to over come it.

Thanks for help

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