1997 Toyota Camry



April, 23, 2008 AT 9:02 AM

Electrical problem
1997 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

Intermittent Problem #1 - The traction control light and anti-lock brake (ABS) light occasionally will come on at the same time indicating no traction control and no ABS. The lights go out after turning off the ignition and restarting. This happens about once every 20 starts.

Intermittent Problem #2 - (occurred only 1 time so far.) When turning on the ignition to start, nothing happened - no lights on the dash and no sounds. The gearshift also would not come out of Park to enable drifting the car. A few minutes later, I turned on the headlights to see if the battery was completely dead. The lights were very bright so I tried to start the car again. The car started immediately and ran normally, however, the radio required that I enter the security code which I did. The radio has been fine and the car continues to start without a problem. Could this be a relay or ignition switch problem?


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Service Writer

April, 23, 2008 AT 11:52 AM

You need to get the codes out of the computer to start diagnosis on the ABS/ Trac light problem. Might want to buy a code reader.

The no start may be an ignition switch. Next time it happens. Turn the lights on and crank it again. Or try to. If the lights dim it is not the ignition switch but more possible of a starter. In which case you'll need to see where the power is stopping.

Since the shift interlock wasn't working, I would lean towards a switch, but you need to do testing when it happens.

How old is the battery out of curiousity, the radio reset makes me question this. How tight are the connections at the battery?



April, 23, 2008 AT 6:40 PM

The battery is about 3 years old. The connections are tight and clean - no corrosion. Since the failure to start, I have started the car over the past three days about 20 times and everything is normal. The car always starts immediately. Is there a solenoid or relay that allows current to reach the radio while the car is off. Also, remember, when I turned the key to start - no dashboard lights came on. (Maybe this is where the current to the radio was cut.)


Service Writer

April, 24, 2008 AT 6:29 AM

I running late, but didn't want to leave you hanging,

Here are the shift interlock and radio diagrams that may begin to start to find a relationship on this:



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