2005 Ford Focus Heater Matrix

  • 2005 FORD FOCUS
  • 1.6L
  • 88,000 MILES

I have had massive trouble since purchasing a car. There was a clear leak in the water coolant when the engine heated up. There was also excessive condensation on the interior of the windscreen. Upon taking the car back to the garage, they took the car in for examination. 3 working days later they informed us there was no such problem and attempted to send us on our way. I started the engine and lo and behold within minutes of the engine heating up, the coolant started to leak. The garage owner then took the keys back and promised a full inspection. The problem they came back to us with was the heater matrix. We are now four and a half working days on and after constant work - or so they claim - on the car they have informed us that they are still two hours away from even getting to the part that needs to be repaired and it is going to be a further 28 hours minimum until we can have the car back. Is this excessive for a job of this magnitude? I am no expert (hence the question) and believe this is exactly that or they are trying to cover up further problems.

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Monday, March 10th, 2014 AT 5:42 AM

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Can't say about the quality of the person doing the job but in u.S it a day job or so to replace a heater core. But that is here. Also the coolant should be pressure checked to make sure you don't have a head gasket leak.
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Monday, March 10th, 2014 AT 6:40 AM

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