2004 Honda Accord



November, 2, 2013 AT 7:21 AM

The panel & radio on my car flickered & went off & come back on the car didn't lose actual power & then the check engine light came on. I took it to my mechanic & the PCM code came up & said update possibly available from Honda so he said I needed to take itn to the dealer. They did the update & the next afternoon it did the same thing again & the check engine light came back on. I just would like some possible answers before I take it back so I am more informed & don't get something I actually don't need.

Thank you for your help

1 Answer



November, 2, 2013 AT 8:01 PM

Honestly ive never heard of a code stating you need an update. Get it scanned at your local parts store, and get us the actual code. We can help from there.

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