2003 Land Rover Discovery 2



November, 17, 2012 AT 11:18 PM

I am a seventy four year lady. Retired. Bought 2003 Discovery new. Wanted dependable car.
Inside ceiling cloth has come loose. I keep cutting it so I can see how to drive. Heater in drivers seat stopped working.
Today, The vehicel overheated. 60,000 miles in a $42,000.00 vehicle.
Put anti-freeze and water in it four times trying to drive three miles to get home. Red light came on. Manual said stop and let vehicle idle fifteen minutes. Do you release how many mintues I sat on sde of road and used four gallons of water. Overflow kept shootng liquid out when top removed. Heater in vehicle puts out cold air. Vehicle smoked like it was on fire. My black rubber on front of car looks like someone has thrown up on it. How can a so called excellet vehicle have so many problems. Oh told head gaskets had to be replaced. Thands to the design of vehicle, I cannot check transmission fluid. Only someone with a lift to get under vehicle. Disc player under passenger seat. Temperature light has bottom out past cold and ho red light is on. I wish I could find the MEN that designed this vehicle and their wive had to drive it. It is not a dependable vehicle and is slowly fallen to pieces.


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November, 17, 2012 AT 11:31 PM

If you keep driving it that way you can pretty much consider it worthless soon. You have a blown head gasket because you got the engine too hot. That will turn a couple hundred dollar leak repair into thousands of dollars in internal damage. Get that stuff fixed ASAP or you will have no car at all.



November, 17, 2012 AT 11:36 PM

Problems a plenty, you will have a head gasket problem this should be addressed first, it is not the design of the vehicle that causes head gaskets to blow, all cars can and do suffer from exactly the same problems, believe me there are worse cars out there for persistent engine problems, go get a few quotes on the head work and compare before committing to any work. I have done the head lining on my own discovery as well, once again may cars suffer this, basically the glue used to secure the lining deteriorates with age and heat, the smoke, no heater the coolant leaking are all to do with the head gaskets, nearly all modern cars have these sealed transmissions, nothing new there and the CD stacker failing, well at near 10 years old, it may just be due for a service as well.



November, 17, 2012 AT 11:41 PM

Oh buy the way, I know for a fact that there are a large number of woman automotive designers and engineers working at Land Rover, my own Niece is one of them, I often tell her off for poor designs features in Land Rovers and she just laughs and says that she will pass that fault on to the relevant male that messed that bit up.

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