My 2002 PT Cruiser broke down a week ago

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My 2002 PT cruiser broke down a week ago. It was driving fine and all of a sudden the check engine oil light came on and the car steering wheel began to lock up and shut down. I just had an oil change and other maintenance done to the car that same month. What could be wrong with my car? I need to know what part or parts are needed to fix the car. The car will not turn on. I can hear it trying to turn when I turn the switch on, but it still will not crank.

The mechanic that gave me the run around had me going back and forth buying parts for the car that does not fix the car. First it was supposedly the crank sensor. That didn't work. Then it was supposedly the coil package. That didn't do the trick either. Then the last time I spoke to this guy he said he would go back and get the crank sensor again to put on the car. This means I will have a new crank sensor and the new coil package. This is what he thinks would get the car up and running again. He got half way started with getting the coil package. After that he bailed on me without warning and lied about coming back to fix the car. Now I have a car that has been broken down for two weeks with no other mechanic to come and finish the job.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 AT 2:59 AM

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Very few professionals have the time to run to your house. Just like with doctors, it is impractical to haul around all the specialized equipment and tools they need. Tow the car to a repair shop and let them diagnose the problem correctly and get it running. By now you've figured out the most costly and least effective way to diagnose a problem is by throwing random parts at it.

If the red "Oil" light turned on, did that happen while you were driving or after the engine stalled? It will come on when the engine stops running. If the yellow "Check Engine" light turned on while you were driving, the Engine Computer detected a problem and set a diagnostic fault code to indicate the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis. It's important to understand that fault codes never say to replace parts. Even if the Check Engine light didn't turn on, there can still be fault codes related to the problem. You can read them yourself very easily on Chrysler products. Cycle the ignition switch three times from "off" to "run" within five seconds without cranking the engine, then watch the code numbers show up in the odometer display.

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Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 AT 3:15 AM

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