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Dodge Durango 2000 won't start from one minute to the next.
Engine won't crank. I turn the key and nothing happens. No lights etc. A few times, when inserted key, ipod began to charge and the overhead lights came on for minute or so, but very dim and then wouldn't go back on after took key out and tried again to crank the engine. It was running fine. Went into a store to buy supper and tried to start and literally nothing happened. What's going on? Thanks for any help
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Monday, January 16th, 2012 AT 4:05 AM

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I would check the battery cables. The positive runs from the post to the strter and the negative from the post to the engine block. Make sure they are tight and are corrosion free with good metal to metal contact.

You should also test the battery, if you have a multi-meter, yourself or Advance Auto or Auto Zone can test it for you.

You need to test the voltage when it is sitting and the voltage when under load. So it shoudl have 12 volts sitting unless you just drove it it should have more up to 14.4. It shoudl read 13.0 to 14.41 volts with engine running.
To test under load, first check the voltage with all accesories on. It should not drop below 12.0 volts. Then see what the voltage is with and without accesories when the key is turned. It should not drop, a tenth of a volt is okay, but any major drop in voltage means the battery has a bad cell.

Other than that, I would suggest going the the afolrementioned auto parts stores and having them pull the trouble codes. They will both do it for free. This will give you leads as to any electrical issues that are happening that might be causing the problem.
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Monday, January 16th, 2012 AT 4:16 AM

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