1996 Toyota Tercel



March, 15, 2013 AT 3:09 PM

Recently changed by clutch, pressure plate flywheel etc.

After a month, I began to notice that when I am pulling off in first gear, the car is vibrating ( shaking extremely until l change to second gear).

I took it back to the mechanic(Meineke who installed the clutch etc.) And he said that the car is an older vehicle and I am not giving enough gas when taking off.

He drove the car to show me. I still detected a vibration (although not severe as mines) on take off.

I am not convinced that that is the reason and I find myself changing very quickly to second gear to avoid the vibration. I am worried that if I continue to drive like this, I might damage the gearbox. Also, the job is under warranty and I won't want it to run out and I still have the problem.

I never had this problem before I changed the clutch etc.

Your input will be appreciated.


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March, 15, 2013 AT 4:30 PM

If the clutch wasn't lined up properly it cold have bentthe disc causing your problem. But it cold be something like amotor mount or loose transmission mount as well so those should be checked as well as pressure plate bolts shold be checked tosee if they were properly torqued. If Mienke won't do it then take it someplace else and if anything is found give the bill to Mienke. It shouldn't give you a vibration. Of cours it cold always be something else as well.



March, 16, 2013 AT 2:18 PM

I have done some research on my own and your answer seem to be the same.

I am taking the car to another shop for another check. If the clutch and pressure plate was installed wrong, then I will take it back to Meineke to correct. I am thinking that they want to string me along for the warranty to run out. We will see.



March, 21, 2013 AT 1:15 PM

Ok but also have them check for things like bent release arms etc. As that can cause some of the problems you are having. Wise move on your part

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