1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport (4.0L inline 6cyl) turn signal issue

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 217,000 MILES
There is an ongoing discussion about a similar issue. Once upon a time, I was messing with some fuses in the Jeep to test a battery drain. After that, the turn signals quit working - no flashing lights inside or out and no clicking noise. Of course, the first thing I did was confirm continuity on all the fuses. The hazard flashers work fine, so this rules out the turn signal bulbs.

Recall that the windshield wiper control is also on the turn signal lever. The delay feature of the wipers had also quit working, so this made me strongly suspect that the whole turn signal switch assembly was faulty. I replaced the switch assembly and was crestfallen to see no change in the turn signal situation. (Also, my wipers seem to run very, very slowly now and I'm worried that they may not be effective in a rain storm, but this is for another discussion.)

Finally, after reading your current discussion about the turn signals, I located and replaced what is supposed to be the combined hazard, turn-signal flasher relay with a new one (original part is a Tridon EP-27 flasher, located in a secondary relay panel to the right of the steering column below the dash). Unfortunately, this caused no effect on the turn signals and now I am utterly defeated.

Agreeing with what I've read in the discussion, the fuse panel in the 1995 Cherokee Sport is NOT the same as indicated in the owner's manual and the Haynes repair manual. I would love to see an accurate depiction of the TRUE fuse and relay panels in this vehicle and learn unequivocally whether the turn signal has its own dedicated relay or is indeed combined inside the flasher relay. And what about the other fuse box that is located under the hood? Any suspects in there?

Please advise what to do next to restore turn signal function!

Sincere thanks,
Chris Rockett
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Saturday, December 11th, 2010 AT 10:20 PM

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1st make sure you have the fuses in the correct location

1 - 20 Amp (Yellow)
Power Antenna Relay, Trailer Tow Relay.
2 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Brake Lamps.
3 - 20 Amp (Yellow)
Hazard Lamps.
4 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Security Lamp.
5 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Interior Lighting.
6 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Security Alarm Module.
7 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Security Alarm Relay, Security Alarm Module, Flash-To-Pass.
8 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Overhead Console, Keyless Entry, Radio Memory, Clock/Chime Module, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, HVAC & VIC.
9 - 20 Amp (Yellow)
Rear Wiper.
10 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Radio Accessory.
11 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Cigar Lighter.
12 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Parking Lamps, Automatic Headlamps.
13 - 20 Amp (Yellow)
Horn Relay.
14 - 20 Amp (Yellow)
Power Lock Relays.
15 - 3 Amp (Violet)
ABS Module & Relay.
16 - 20 Amp (Yellow)
Turn Signals.
17 - 7.5 Amp (Brown)
Heater & Air Conditioning Module.
18 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Air Bag Module.
19 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Interior Mirror, Auto Headlamps, Overhead Console, VIC/GDM Module, Heated Rear Window Relay Coil, Illuminated Entry Relay & Chime Module.
20 - 10 Amp (Red)
Heated Rear Window Switch, Overdrive Switch, Speed Control.
21 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Cluster, Security Alarm Module, Lamp Outage Module.
22 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Air Bag Module, Speedometer, Tachometer, Telltales, Gauges.
23 - 15 Amp (Blue)
Heated Mirror Feed, Heated Rear Window Switch.
24 - 7.5 Amp (Brown)
Instrument Panel Illumination.
25 - 30 Amp Circuit Breaker
Power Seats.
26 - 30 Amp Circuit Breaker
Power Windows.
27 - 10 Amp Circuit Breaker
Security Alarm Module, Front Wiper.
28 - 30 Amp Circuit Breaker
Heated Rear Window Relay.
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Sunday, December 12th, 2010 AT 2:32 PM
This diagram you provided is nothing like either the inside fuse panel or the fuse panel under the hood of my Jeep. To which panel are you referring? Thanks. --Chris
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Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 AT 4:23 AM
UPDATE: My dad and I spent several hours yesterday investigating the turn signal. We first unbolted the relay panel from under the dash and removed its back cover. There are five wires entering/exiting the combo flasher relay (Tridon EP-27). We found that by jumping across the yellow/red wire (presumably hot) to the purple wire in the center, the turn signal would function! Then we located the path of these terminals within the relay (i.E. On the circuit board) and soldered a jump wire across the two terminal connections. We found that the hazards and turn signals functioned correctly like this, and thought we had solved the problem. HOWEVER, we realized that this "solution" came with its own new problem: when the ignition is turned on, the relay would click constantly (without actually engaging the lamps). This noise is unacceptably annoying, so we had to remove our jump wire and are thus back to square one. I continue to stand by my argument with my dad that the relay is NOT the problem, since I already tried replacing it with a brand new one to no effect. So, I'm convinced that there is a continuity or power delivery issue between the turn signal switch and the relay. That is, we know the relay can actuate the turn signal lamps as it is supposed to, but something is not sending it the necessary power feed in order to do its job.

Two wiring diagrams are attached.

Thanks for further advice!

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 AT 2:52 PM

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