Super Coupe heater core installation

Super coupe heater core installation
Saturday, October 27th, 2012 AT 5:21 PM

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Removal & Installation

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove instrument panel. See INSTRUMENT PANEL. Remove A/C evaporator housing assembly. See A/C EVAPORATOR HOUSING ASSEMBLY.
2. Remove heater core access cover from A/C evaporator cover housing. Remove tube gasket from heater core tubes. Slide heater core and seals from housing. To install, reverse removal procedure.



1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disable air bag system. See the AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article in the ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT section. Disconnect underhood wiring at left side of
firewall. Working inside vehicle, disengage wiring connector from left kick panel. Carefully pull wiring harness into passenger compartment. Remove both kick panels. Remove radio antenna stanchion bolts.
Disconnect radio antenna cable from base of antenna.
2. Remove steering column lower trim cover by removing 3 screws at bottom. Pull trim panel to disengage 3 snap in retainers across top. Remove 4 screws attaching steering column lower opening reinforcement
panel. Remove steering column upper and lower shrouds.
3. Disconnect A/C evaporator register duct from under steering column tube. Disconnect wiring from steering column. Remove shift interlock switch. Disconnect steering column pinch bolt. Support steering column,
and remove 4 nuts retaining column to support. Remove steering column from vehicle.
4. Remove screw retaining left side of instrument panel to parking brake bracket. Disconnect pedal assembly wiring. Pull carpet back on both sides of dash and disconnect all wiring connectors with wiring leading
into instrument panel.
5. Install steering column lower opening reinforcement using 4 screws (one on each corner). This procedure prevents instrument panel from twisting during removal from vehicle. Remove console assembly from
vehicle. Remove 2 screws retaining console glove compartment to floor tunnel. Remove 2 screws retaining front of console to instrument panel. Remove console assembly.
6. Open glove box, squeeze sides of bin and lower box to full open position. Remove glove box assembly. From underneath instrument panel and through glove box opening, disconnect wiring and A/C heater
vacuum lines and control cables. Remove nut at right retaining instrument panel to cowl side. Remove 2 nuts at left retaining instrument panel to cowl side. Remove 2 nuts and one bolt to console bracket.
7. Remove right and left upper finish panels by pulling up to disengage snap in retainers. Remove 6 bolts retaining instrument panel to cowl top. Remove right and left door rail trim panel. Remove door frame
8. Carefully pull instrument panel away from cowl, and disconnect any remaining wiring or controls. Remove instrument panel from vehicle.
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