Is there a reset switch on a 1994 Civic after you replace the fuel pump

  • 1994 HONDA CIVIC
My car bogged out on me when I was driving it, almost like it had no fuel. Then would not start. I replaced the in tank fuel pump. It still would not start. I even tried starting it with ether. Someone else told me the timing belt had slipped or broke I checked that it was fine. Another person told me to replace the distributor rotor. I replaced that as well. I cracked the fuel injector and there is fuel there. Is there a reset switch for the fuel system or is there something else I am missing. It is a 1994 honda civic 1.5l engine
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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 AT 6:59 PM

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Check for spark. Check the fuel pressure-key on, engine off. Check the timing of the timing gears. Pull #1 spark plug and rotate the engine by hand until the #1 piston is at the top of its rotation. Then pull the distributor cap. Make sure the rotor electrode is pointing at #1 plug tower. If not, rotate the engine by hand, 180 degrees until the piston comes back up again and check the rotor again. If the rotor doesn't line up either time, the timing belt has slipped.
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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 AT 7:04 PM

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