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January, 13, 2013 AT 1:41 AM

Own an 88 Camry Station Wagon (dx) which we purchased new. 3SFE engine. Recently (late summer 2012) went through the engine, replacing bearings, new rings, had the head worked on, etc. Replaced fuel lines, pressure regulator, pressure dampener; all new injectors - including cold start; etc. Replaced all the vacuum hoses.

Vehicle was running fine, and then it started to become difficult to start. Became more and more difficult to start - especially when cold. If you remove the intake hose, and spray ether into the throttle body - starts right up; and then runs fine. Replaced the Cold Start injector (which wasn't very old); did not solve problem.

Took the vehicle to Toyota, who spent some hours and stated the Electronic FI relay; and water temp sensor; and injection timing switch were all bad. The relay was declared to be intermittent. P/n's: (90987-02004-83; 89422-12010; & 89462-30011) Replaced all three of these; and vehicle promptly started after not being driven for over two days; and it was very cold outside. Thought it was fixed.

It does now start much more consistently - but still is exhibiting essentially same previous problem - except now when warm. (Sometimes.) And is now very intermittent problem. Starts right up; but does not necessarily start up after being shut down; and warm. We just got this 'fixed' - so it might still have problems when cold as well. To start - (if it isn't starting) you again spray in some ether - and it will start right up.

I have never replaced the Fuel Pump; and the Mass AirFlow Meter has never been replaced either. After it starts - the vehicle runs fine. And it is substantially better after replacing the three components which Toyota stated were bad. However; it previous has never had this type of problem; and I took it to Toyota because of this problem (generally do all the work myself over the years) - but it definitely still seems to have some remnants of the problem - or a very similar one.

Thanks for any help; and helpful suggestions, directions.


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January, 13, 2013 AT 1:46 AM

I would start with a fuel pressure test cold. The check valve in the pump may be bad or the pump is too weak for cold start

start there/



January, 13, 2013 AT 7:23 PM

ASEMaster6371 - thank you for your reply.

I have a brand new fuel tank and fuel pump for this vehicle; which I have not as yet installed. (Obviously). Fuel pump check valve. I have been wondering about the pump because of the number of miles; and it being the original pump.

I suppose I should just 'change it out'. And then I won't be worrying about if the pump is going to suddenly die; and it might cure the problem as well.

Anyway - thanks for the thought and reason why.



January, 13, 2013 AT 7:26 PM

Good luck




January, 29, 2013 AT 3:47 PM

In this particular situation - it turns out it was the MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR.

Fuel Pump tests out 'ok'. With all of the miles on the pump - I really should replace it. But the pump tests fine in all tests. On the low side of pressure with one test but within range. (Idle with vacuum line connected to pressure regulator @ 33 psi)

We changed out the MAF which made a huge difference in the idle speed (which has been somewhat/sometimes a little high for a bunch of years now); and fixed the starting (intermittent non starting when warm/hot) problem.

It also starts up very quickly with the new MAF. When the car was purchased - it would start 'instantly'. Over the years that became a few seconds of cranking before it starts.

Now, it starts up very quickly with almost zero time cranking; and runs fine. Just an update.

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