1999 Pontiac Grand Am

Engine Performance problem
1999 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 84500 miles

my car was having trouble starting. It would turn over but acted like it wasnt getting any gas. When I gave it gas at the start, it would catch and start ok. I spoke to a friend who suggested maybe it was the fuel injector and said to by a cleaner, which I did. The car started just fine for about a day or two. Then it acted as if it couldnt get any gas and kept stalling. Told the mechanic this. They just replaced the idle control motor. After reading a few of the posts on this site I'm a bit concerned they may have replaced the wrong part. This car also has a security feature that if it senses the car is not being started properly it shuts the gas off to the car. This started to happen 2 weeks prior to the problem described above. Could this be related?
July 14, 2010.

If security light is flashing, you need to reset it. Procedure is in owners manual.

IAC that is fully closed will cause a no start, as it restricts air flow to engine.

Jul 15, 2010.