2004 Pontiac Grand Am • 10,450 miles

Car is hard to start in the mornings and after sitting for more than an hour. Takes 3-5 tries with /without pumping the gas. It will turn try to turn over but does not catch right away. Sometime I can smell gas with several attempt to start the car. When the car does start the rpm runs at 20 in idle. Some times when cutting off the car and removing the key and opening the driver door the radio continues to play. The radio should stop playing when the key is removed and the driver door is opened. Do you have any suggestions.
August 21, 2013.

Two different issues. I'll address the starting issue.
Put a fuel pressure gauge on it and observe
1) how quickly the fuel pressure comes up to regulated pressure, should be almost instantly.
2) see if the pressure holds when the key is shut off as it should.

Aug 21, 2013.