1993 Jeep Wrangler

Engine Performance problem
1993 Jeep Wrangler 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 143559 miles

Engine cranks, but doesn't start. Battery and battery connection are good. Fuses and relays are good. Changed spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition coil, cap and rotor, fuel pump, and cps. The engine ran and I did a test drive. When I came back home the engine stop. And the same problem occurs. Could not start engine again. Found trouble codes 12 and 33.
March 4, 2008.

If you have checked to see that it is getting fire, and it is, then may I suggest checking the fuel pump relay, this is located on the passenger side fender near the rear of the battery, there are two relays together I think the fuel pump relay is the one on the bottom, the other is the idle air control relay, it will not hurt if the idle air controle one is removed, I suggest you just switch them and it will tell you if that is the problem, if so you can get them for around 10-12 dollars and you will know which one it is. Hope this helps.

Mar 27, 2008.
Thanks for the help. I did what you told and the same problem occurs. I double checked the ignition system and found out my ignition coil was not putting out its full capacity. I used a spark tester and saw spark, but it seem weak this time. I exchanged the bad coil with a new one and this time cleaned and check all my ground connections. Now, the engine running good. I'm assuming a defected part or a bad ground. Thanks again for the help. I appreciate it.

Mar 28, 2008.