Vehicle Maintenance Inspection

Step by step guide on how to prepare an automotive engine and vehicle for the winter season (can be performed anytime). This article pertains to all vehicles.

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Step 1 - An automotive engine relies on clean oil to lubricate the internal working parts of the engine. If engine service is overdue, perform an oil change including the filter. Check the engine oil level and add until between the "ADD" and "FULL" indicators of the dip stick.

Add Engine Oil

Step 2 - Wiper blades are needed to clean the windshield free from water and debris. Inspect wipers for cracks or degradation and replace if worn.

Wiper Blade

Step 3 - Coolant is used to help avoid expansion inside the engine block which would cause damage. If coolant is weak, corrosion causing acids can form which produces component failure. Service the cooling system at regular intervals to avoid the negative effects of neglect.

Adding Coolant

Step 4 - Good tire condition is essential for driving in wet and icy roads. Inspect tire tread wear and also test air pressure levels.

Tire Tread


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Article first published (Updated 2013-11-08)