When car is idle. Seems like its going to die out.

  • 1998 HONDA CIVIC
  • 85,000 MILES
New muffler was put on a few weeks ago - but not welded on. Clamped. It rattles like mad. Was just wondering if that has a connection to my problem. Just this morning when driving to work - car idle at long stop light. Seems like car was going to die out. Was leaving it in neutral and drive, neutral and drive - so it would die out. Finally got going so car never died out.
(Overall seems like in good condition, but when a/c is on and at idle position sounds like it will die out also and sounds like it trying to cycle or something. But I just turn off a/c when that happens. A/c belt changed already.) Too. But thats not the problem I was initially worried about.
Don't want car to die out when idle at stop light in future. Can muffler (or parts near it/catalic converter or whatver) be the problem. Or is it an engine problem?
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Friday, July 12th, 2013 AT 12:32 PM

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The muffler is not the problem with your vehicle nearly stalling.
You do need to call the shop that installes the muffler and tell them of the rattling noise it is causing. If they can't/won't fix it (for FREE) check it for a loose hanger (part which attaches the muffler/tailpipe to the frame of the vehicle).

Near stalling problem:
Check underhood for loose vacuum hoses.
Also, remove the intake air snorkle and clean the throttle body with carb/throttle body cleaner and a rag.
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Friday, July 12th, 2013 AT 1:36 PM

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