1994 Volkswagen Jetta Speedometer

Electrical problem
1994 Volkswagen Jetta 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

The speedometer and tachometer both quit working at the same time. They work sometimes, but if you shut the car off and then turn it back on chances are it wont be working. Can't find sa diagram showing where the speedometer cable is and I am not sure if that would help anyway.
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Monday, April 14th, 2008 AT 9:32 PM

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I hope this helps someone, because when I was looking for the answer no one posted their fix!

I purchased a 1999 VW Jetta. Speedometer & Tachometer didn't work. Tach sat at zero. Speedo "bounced" on zero. Odometer, cruise control, and all other gauges worked fine.

I removed the instrument cluster. It's really simple, a couple of plastic covers, the light switch, and four screws. It was MUCH easier than removing the gauges from my F150!

I found DNA Speedometers by searching the internet. They're in Tamp, FL. I packaged the gauges and shipped it allong with a check for $129. Turn around time was GREAT! The received it, fixed it, shipped it back. That's it. I didn't have to call or send nasty emails. Nothing. They litterally turned it around in one day! Round trip took a whole week. That's UPS ground!

When it arrived I installed it and took it for a test drive. It worked like a champ. They even replaced the blown bulb in it. DNA Speedometers even garauntees their work for six months!

There are other places on the internet that repair speedos. I went with this one and had a GREAT experience.

Sorry, I didn't take any pictures. But it's pretty straight forward. I used the Haynes book to see how to remove the gauges.

(Posted 6/26/2008)
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Thursday, June 26th, 2008 AT 6:41 PM

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