Transmission shifts hard from first to second gear

  • 2000 SATURN SC1
  • 1.9L
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 249,000 MILES
Two weeks ago I put my car in reverse and it did not move, then there was bang and the car jumped into reverse and the engine light came on. The car drove a little sluggish for a few minutes. And then drove fine until yesterday. On yesterday morning after driving my daughter to daycare I was preparing to back into parking space and it had a bad transmission fluid leak that I had not noticed. I checked the level int the afternoon and it is was barely any on the stick. I poured a quart in before I left for home and it was driving sluggish and there was a noticeable whine but not knocking when shifting. Once I got home I found that the leak was coming from the filter so I replaced it and added fluid. This morning it shifted into reverse fine, but now when it shifts from first to second there is a bang with a jerk and after that the rest of the gears shift fine. When it downshifts from second to first there is a slight jerk that is barely noticeable. After getting to work I put some Lucas in there and drove around but it is still doing it.
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Thursday, March 15th, 2018 AT 8:14 AM

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Sounds as if it still may be low on fluid or there is a line pressure problem, this really needs to be inspected first hand by a trans tech, if the fluid level is correct I would get a tech to do an inspection and report on condition, but the original noise you described is a worry, there may be some internal damage done that can only be checked for pulling the pan and looking for signs of debris and checking for any codes.A trans specialist may be able to detect a problem with a test drive as well, get the simple things checked out first.
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Thursday, March 15th, 2018 AT 8:43 PM

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