1996 Toyota Corolla



June, 19, 2009 AT 9:47 PM

Electrical problem
1996 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 125Kkm miles


would be needing some help to solve the problem on my car. Im quite financially limited right now so im trying not to spend unnecesarily by trying out other solutions to my car's situation.

so heres the case. I have a corolla '96, AE101, 1.6L, MT, with 120K km. On it and im the 3rd owner. Its with me for about 2yrs now. Its a well maintained car in terms of all preventive maintenance is concerned since I bought it. The cars performance is great and runs very smoothly without any symptoms of any trouble.

suddenly one morning, wednesday last week, when im about to bring my kid to school, the car wont start. It have a strong crank but didnt go through. After sending my kid to school by my motorbike, I passed through a mechanic and ask him to go with me to check the car. He made a series of test and found that no spark was coming out from the spark plugs. He suspected the distributor, so he took it out and asked me to bring it to a repair center for check up and necessary repair. As the repair center checks, it seems to be ok. Sparks are coming out though seems to be weak and parts were soaked in oil. He also found a part (condenser as he calls it) partially melted and need to be replaced. So he replaced that part plus the oil seal. The new oil seal doesnt fit too good with the shafting so he replaced the shafting too with his spare one free of charge. Cleaned everything, assemble, test and spark gets way better.

i get back home with my repaired distributor, called the mechanic and put back everything in place. We tried to start the engine, SAME RESULT. He then checked all the fuse and found nothing defective. Then he tried it himself to turn the ignition ON, then he noticed that the check engine light was off. Suspecting the computer box (ECM) and not too sure of the next step to check, he went back to his shop to get his manual and diagrams. Then gives me a ring to tell me that he got lots of stuff to check on the car and prefered to bring it to his shop. Since its already late, we decided to bring the car at morning the next day.

the morning as im preparing the car to bring on the shop, I tried to start the engine. Suddenly the check engine light was on and it starts on one shot! Check engine lights turned off when the engine strats running. So I called the mechanic telling that it goes, he recommends to 1st observe the car performance and note everything. The following days were good. Running smoothly and everything seems to be ok.

then a week after, at wednesday morning (wednesday again!), Very same thing happened.. With my day was filled up with work that day, wasnt able to inform the mechanic. Instead I asked my dad to attempt to start the engine every now and then throughout the day. The day passed and it didnt start and check engine light didnt turned on.

then yesterday morning (thursday! ), 1st I did off the bed is to try to start the engine! And yes it starts in one shot with the check engine lights off as it runs. I let the engine warms up 4 about 10 to 15 mins. Then went back to the car, turned off the engine and tried again. And as I turn the key, the check engine lights didnt comes on and fail to starts again.

'til today, it didnt starts with the check engine lights off when the key was turned on. Confused and as I said, financially limited at the moment, 1st to go was to ask u guys on any series of test that I should do or if u can tell me straight what the part I need to replace, to avoid unnecesary expense, will be a great help. I already did some reading of the related threads but no one had mentioned that their engine lights was off. I also have read one thread that the CKP sensor (crankshaft position sensor) happened to solve his problem. Unfortunately I cant locate the sensor to check the resistance. If someone can help me locate it, please do. If a photo or mechanical diagram can be provided, that will be a great help.

i want the ECM to be the last option as I know that it will be very costly to replace.

hope u guys can help me as soon as possible. Need my car back and running on tuesday nxt week for a business trip 360kms from my place.

any information that u will need, im willing to provide as much as I can. Though im not too good with car's engine, atleast I know a bit above than average, I always can seek help/assistance from a friend.


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June, 20, 2009 AT 4:50 AM

Many electrical components are tucked away in out-of-the-way places on late model vehicles. If you live in the snow country, as I do, you may already be aware that moisture and road salt can find their way into these semi -hidden locations. No-fuel and no-spark conditions on 1986 and later Japanese (Toyota/Nissan) vehicles may be caused by corroded wiring or connectors leading to the main power relays located near the inner fenders of these vehicles. We have found that many times one or more of the relay terminals will corrode off due to salt intrusion that has broken the circuit. Repair as necessary. Courtesy of Import Service Magazine with thanks to: Tim Cook Lake Region Towing Bridgton, Maine
Other possibilities include, faulty ignition switch, ECM power or ground problem.



June, 21, 2009 AT 12:36 AM

I lived in the Philippines. Tropical country with just wet and dry season. Currently on the wet season.

Just to add an info, a month before the problem, major maintenance done on the vehicle was repacement of timing belt and water pump (found with a small crack and minimal leak during timing belt replacement). But have run abut 16,000 kms since the replacement.

Latest part checked was the sensor relay found in good condition.

Ignition switch was also checked and as well found no defect.



June, 21, 2009 AT 7:28 AM

Found this tid bit for you. Check this relay!

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If engine cranks but won't start, and MIL doesn't operate when key is first turned on, EFI main relay may be faulty.
" B+" terminal is located in small box marked " diagnosis" under hood and terminal is listed in box lid.



June, 22, 2009 AT 2:31 AM

EFI main relay was tested. Found ok! EFI fuse, ok! Also checked the Circuit Opening Relay, ok.

What could the next step I can do?



June, 22, 2009 AT 8:26 AM

Problem solved following advise from other forum. If anyone would read this thread with the same problem and interested to know the procedure/series of test i've done to eliminate each possible fault, send me an e-mail to provide you with the link of other thread.

Gum_agile@yahoo. Com

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