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1994 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have 1994 corolla with 1.8 engine. As water pump leaking, I try to replace it with new one. I follow the instruction from book "haynes" where the steps seem pretty simple. However, to the moment I really get into it, I found a lot steps on the book are either missed or impossible. I am right in the middle of all removing parts process and almost done the job. But I found without moving away the water pump pulley first, I can not remove NO.2 timing belt cover in which one of water pump bolt to the engine need to be taken out. In addition, with alternator and air condition compressor in place, the front bolt(on radiation side) of No.2 timing belt cover is very hard to access because it is behind compressor unit.

For replacing water pump purpose only, my questions are that do I have to
1. Remove cylinder head cover for the No.1 timing belt cover? What right sequence for removing covers (No.1, No.2 and No.3 as “Haynes" say, seems not quite right)?
2. Remove water pump pulley before removing water pump? Because the pulley is right at front No.2 timing belt cover and block the way to take it out.
3. Remove alternator and air condition compressor? Because otherwise has problem to access the bolt for No.2 timing belt cover.
4. Remove crank pulley? Because timing belt tensioner wheel behind crank pulley need to be adjust to make it and also timing belt out of the way to the water pump bolt. If I really need to do this. Where can find fly wheel that is for prevent crank from rotate when removing the bolt of crank pulley. I found a small plastic cover on the transmission that looks like for it. But it is very hard to get access to it. If this is the one I am looking for. What can I do to access to it.

Sorry for the lengthy question. And many thanks

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You will have to remove WP pulley, harmonic balancer, AC tensioner pulley, plastic timimg belt cover, and timing belt.

In order to get the waterpump pulley off you will need to raise engine with crane 4-6 inches in order to get pulley off. To do this, you remove front mount by timing belt, and loosen the other mount bolts, raise transaxle (just front side) to get pulley off.
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