1992 Toyota Corolla fuel pump

What is the proper pressure for and how do you test the fuel pump
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On-Vehicle Inspection

Since the fuel pump is concealed within the tank, it is difficult to test directly at the pump. It is possible to test the pump from under the hood, listening for pump function and feeling the fuel delivery lines for the build-up of pressure.

Turn the ignition switch ON , but do not start the engine.
Using a jumper wire, short both terminals of the fuel pump check connector. The check connector is located near the air cleaner. Connect the terminals labeled FP and +B .


Check that there is pressure in the hose running to the delivery pipe. You should hear fuel pressure noise and possibly hear the pump at the rear of the car.

If the fuel pump failed to function, it may indicate a faulty pump, but before removing the fuel pump, check the following items within the pump system:
All fusible links
All fuses (EFI-15amp and IGN-10.0amp)
H- fuse (AM2 30A)
EFI main relay
Fuel pump
Circuit opening relay
All wiring connections and grounds.

Turn the ignition to OFF .
Remove the jumper wire.


Check that the battery voltage is approximately 12 volts.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Relieve the fuel system pressure.
Disconnect the hose from the fuel filter outlet.
Connect the hose and a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel filter outlet with three new gaskets and the union bolt.
Wipe any spilled gasoline.
Connect the negative battery cable.
Using a jumper wire, short terminals FP and +B of the check connector.
Turn the ignition switch ON , but do not start the car.
The fuel pressure should read 38-44 psi (265-304 kPa).
If the pressure is too high, the pressure regulator is probably defective. If it is too low, check for the following:
Fuel hoses and connections for leaks or restrictions.
Defective fuel pump.
Clogged fuel filter.
Defective pressure regulator.

After checking the fuel pressure, turn the ignition OFF and remove the jumper wire from the check connector.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Relieve the fuel system pressure and remove the pressure gauge.
Connect the hose to the fuel filter outlet using new gaskets.
Wipe any fuel spillage.
Connect the negative battery

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