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My daughter has a 2002 Toyota Camry V-6 with 121,000 miles on it. When going over railroad tracks or hitting bumps in the road the car makes a rumbling noice. We believe it's in the back. We've had two different mechanics look at it and they can't find a reason for the noice. The idle arm was replaced a year ago because a mechanic told us that was the reason. The struts have been checked and we were told that wasn't the reason for the noice either. We've had all of the bolts we could find tightened, the muffler system checked to see if that was hitting when hitting rough roads. Any other ideas? I myself have a 1999 Camry 4 cylinder and don't have this problem.

Friday, July 13th, 2007 AT 1:35 PM

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I have a 99 camry. I have the same poblem but it was coming from the front. I changed the struts but I can still hear the noise on rough roads. I removed the new struts again and put a new top strut rubber mount including the bearing. After I changed the rubber mount and bearing, the noise disappeared on rough roads.

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007 AT 3:03 AM

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