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January, 13, 2007 AT 10:51 PM

My 92 Toyota Camry 3.0L EFI DOHC 128,000 started dying after running for about 2 minutes. It would start back up, but the engine would race and hold at 2000rpms. White smoke mixed with fuel came pouring out of the exhaust. If you tried to punch it, it would flood out and die. It had started getting terrible gas mileage. Filling up every two days, while only driving maybe 25 miles total. I checked the oil and found gas. I drained the oil and half of it was gas. Changed the oil and filter.
After this it would turn over but not start. I changed the fuel pump and filter, checked the plugs and wires. It started again, but with the same symptoms. There isn't any gas in the oil for now.
I have looked for cracked or torn vacuum and fuel lines. I unplugged the EGR valve to see if it made a difference. I checked electrical connections and found one of the oxygen sensors had a broken wire. I repaired it and for about 3 to 4 minutes the car ran fine. No high rpms or white smoke. I turned it off to make sure all tools and items were out of the way before I took it for a test drive. When I cranked it back up there was the high rpms and white smoke and fuel coming out of the exhaust. I had a tester put on it and it showed normal, no error codes. No check engine light at any point. I am unsure where to go from here. I was planning on giving the car to my son for college, but not until this is resolved. Any ideas?



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Service Writer

January, 14, 2007 AT 6:16 AM

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the donation!

What does the inside of the oil filler cap look like?

How long had the gas been in the oil that you are aware of?

What is the coolant level like?

Can you check the fuel presure?

What were the conditions of the plugs? All the same? Some black, some wet? Etc.

How old is the other 02 sensor?

Am I right saying the high idle was not present until after the 02 replacement?



January, 14, 2007 AT 8:38 AM

Hi Paul,

The inside of the oil cap was black and damp with a slight smell of fuel. I do not know how long the gas was in the oil. Probably right after it began to get real bad gas mileage, which is about two weeks. It has not been driven for about a week now. The coolant level is good, no drain on the fluid. I have not done a fuel pressure check yet. It is on my list to check. The plugs were all the same. Black with no ware and a slight carbon build up. When I pulled the plugs, I tried to see if the cylinders were wet and full of liquid. All, the best that I can tell were dry. The second 02 sensor is a little over 2 years old. I repaced both sensors when I rebuilt the engine in the summer of 2004. The head gaskets, rings and such are the same age. I also replaced the timing chain (belt) at the same time along with the plugs and distributor. The high idle was present before I replaced the O2 sensor. The high idle and white smoke went away briefly once replaced, but when started back up the high idle and white smoke returned. There is still fuel coming out of the exhaust along with the white smoke. My check list includes the following: Fuel pressure check, Compression check, recheck for vacuum and fuel line cracks and leaks. Can the fuel pressure regulator be tested?
Thanks for your help.



Service Writer

January, 14, 2007 AT 12:56 PM

I just came across that:

I was curious if there was more than just fuel getting in thegas, but it doesn't look that way. IT sure sounds like there's a vacuum leak there.



January, 14, 2007 AT 4:26 PM

Find the fuel pressure regulator disconnect the hose and look for fuel-if present the regulator is gone. Make sure it has vacuum to it. Also test for vacuum leaks.

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