1998 Toyota Camry



October, 26, 2009 AT 6:32 PM

Electrical problem
1998 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80,000 miles

Hello, my name is jesse. About a week ago my horn started to get real weak and then just slowly stopped working. Soon after this, my dashboard lights just shut off. I was just wondering what the problem might be and if these two things were related. Everything else workes perfectly. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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October, 27, 2009 AT 7:58 AM

Hi Jesse, the problem with the horn is usually the wiring circuit in the steering column. You can also check the horn relay in the fuse box under the hood and the horn fuse. You can unplug the relay, use a testlite, see how many terminals are hot? You can take the connector loose from the actual horn, if one wire, that is voltage. You can use jumper wire from battery voltage to horn, just to see if horn will work. Use inline fuse on the jumper.

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