1997 Toyota Camry



October, 26, 2011 AT 2:03 AM

The check engine light still comes on after replacing the Vehicle Speed Sensor found earlier error code from eng diagnostic. What can I do next? Bad fumes from exhaust currently happening. Pls help!

Check engine light comes on, plugged in comp diagnostic machine and showed error message vehic speed sensor. Replaced sensor and still showing error message. Speedometer does not work, drives fine but down the road it goes into like it was in neutral, later kicks into gear goes for a while and does the same.

Changed trans fluid, still does the same. No prob going into gear when in park, just later down the road it acts up with tans. Pls help.


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October, 26, 2011 AT 7:55 AM

When the vehicle speed sensor circuit fails, it can affect the transmission shifting and that should be where you should start with.

You should perform tests to determine if the speed sensor or its wiring circuit is at fault before changing parts.

What is the EXACT trouble code that you are getting?

Which engine and transmission do you have?



October, 26, 2011 AT 11:05 PM

Thanks for your prompt response to my questions, here is whats going on with the trouble codes for a 97 Toyota Camry (four cylynder eng): .
Troub Code P0401 - EGR Insuf flow detected. Planning on replacing EGR, is that best?
Troub Code P0500 - Defective speedometer gauge (Number 1 speed sensor), open in wiring harness or short circuit.
Troub Code P0755 - Defetctive speed solenoid B (number 2 shift solenoid), valve stuck open or closed.
Took all this down from a Haynes Repair Manual for a Toyota Camry 1997-2001.
Speed sensor test failed. What would be the next appropriate move?
If problem with solenoid relates to sensor, can it be replaced without pulling of the trans and how? Would the VSS issue likely go away after replacing the shift solenoid #2. How big of a job it is to fix the shift solenoid? Is it easy to get to it? What is best overall?
Appreciate your assistance. Thank you!



October, 27, 2011 AT 1:22 AM

For P0401, replacing the EGR might not solve the probem. Try cleaning the valve and the passage below it first.


1. Access ECT ECU. Raise one front wheel. Shift vehicle into Neutral. Turn ignition on. Using DVOM, backprobe between terminal SPD of ECT ECU harness connector and ground. Rotate front wheel.

2. If voltage pulses between 4.5-5.5 volts, check continuity between ECT ECU harness connector terminal E1 and ground. If continuity does not exist, check and repair circuit as needed. If continuity does exist, replace ECT ECU and retest. If voltage is not as specified, check and repair wiring harness or connector between combination meter and ECT ECU.


1. Access ECT ECU. Ensure ignition is off. Disconnect ECT ECU harness connector. Using ohmmeter, measure resistance between SL, S1 and S2 terminal and ground for appropriate solenoid.

2. Replace solenoid if resistance is not 11-15 ohms. To check solenoid operation, apply battery voltage to SL, S1 or S2 terminal of ECT ECU harness connector for appropriate solenoid. Ensure operating sound can be heard when battery voltage is connected. Replace solenoid if operating sound cannot be heard.

3. To check solenoid seals, remove suspect solenoid. Connect battery voltage to solenoid. Apply 71 psi (5 kg/cm2 ) to solenoid
with battery voltage connected.

4. With battery voltage applied, air should pass through solenoids. Disconnect voltage to solenoid. Ensure air does not pass through solenoid. Replace solenoid if defective.

Dropping the oil pan would allow you to access the solenoid.

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