1999 Subaru Forester



August, 5, 2010 AT 11:33 AM

Brakes problem
1999 Subaru Forester 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 204000 miles

We replaced pads, caliper, rotor, and brake line still stuck on?

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August, 5, 2010 AT 3:40 PM

Hi jonabowman,

Thank you for the donation.

If the brakes remains stuck only after driving, does releasing the bleeder nut releases the brake? If yes, pressure is not returening and if equipped with ABS, the modulator could be the cause.

You mentioned the brake hose was replaced, was it the flexible hose between the caliper and body lines?

Was the caliper replaced complete with the caliper mounts and is it new or used?



August, 5, 2010 AT 6:13 PM

Yes it was the flex line that was replaced. Caliper was a remanufactured one. On the mount used old casting but replaced boots and one brass colored and one silver colored shaft. Had to beat and pry the old brass one out and new one doesn't move very freely with new rubber o-ring. My son drove the car with the worn out pad grinding into the rotor. It was completely stuck when I tried to drive. Since replacing everything it's better but still scrapes and has friction on new pads causing rotor to heat up. I don't even know what a modulator looks like.



August, 7, 2010 AT 9:10 AM

The problem seems to be the brass pin not moving freely.

That is the sliderand if it is not moving freely, the calipers would not move away sufficiently to allow the pads to disengage.

Remove the pad and reinstall the caliper. Push and pull the caliper to check if it is moving freely, if not you need to make it move freely. As the old one was bad, it could be rough inside where the brass pin is seated. Some polishing with a fine sandpaper would help.

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