My brakes keep getting hung up.

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My brakes keep getting hung up and now my brake pads are completly gone after just replacing them 4-5 months ago. I'm having problems figuring out where it is getting hung up, this being the 2nd time this has happened where it went through brake pads like that. A couple days ago the brakes got snagged up and wouldn't unlock. After putting it in reverse and backing up a little, it went free but then started making a grinding sound when I put breasure on the brakes. Any suggestions on what it could be?

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 AT 11:51 PM

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Is this the front brakes? If you can catch it while they're locking up, open a bleeder screw on that caliper, or loosen the steel lines at the master cylinder to see if they'll release. If it doesn't, replace the calipers. They are likely just sticking due to a ring of rust or dirt that builds up around the pistons. That becomes a problem after the pistons are forced back in to make room for the new thicker pads.

If they do release when the line is loosened, check the rubber bladder seal under the reservoir cap to see if it is ballooned up and mushy. That's a sign the brake fluid is contaminated with a petroleum product such as engine oil, power steering fluid, or transmission fluid. That is a real expensive repair.

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Friday, February 3rd, 2012 AT 12:34 AM

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