1994 Saturn SL2 changing the clutch disc and pressure plate

  • 1994 SATURN SL2
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 168,083 MILES
Any advice well be helpful, pictures a plus!
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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 AT 5:23 PM

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Hi lyle skalsky,

Thank you for the donation.

Here are the removal procedures. Sorry could not find any pictures for you.


1. Disable air bag system. Raise and support vehicle. Disconnect negative battery cable. On SOHC models, remove 2 inlet air duct fasteners, disconnect air temperature sensor and remove inlet air duct.

2. On DOHC models, remove 2 cross-car duct fasteners, disconnect air temperature sensor and remove cross-car air duct. Loosen clamp securing flex tube to air box. Remove air box fasteners and air box. Disconnect battery terminals. Remove battery shield and battery. Remove bolt and nut securing transaxle strut to cradle bracket at front of transaxle. Loosen bolt at other end of strut and flip strut up out of way.

3. On all models, disconnect electrical connectors from back-up light switch and vehicle speed sensor. Remove vent tube retaining clip. Disconnect 2 ground terminals from top 2 clutch housing bolts. Disengage O2 sensor wire from clutch housing.

4. Remove 2 upper bolts securing clutch housing to engine. Disconnect spark plug wires from coil towers. Disconnect electrical connectors at electronic ignition module. Remove and discard bolts securing electronic ignition module.

5. Carefully disconnect shift cables from shift arms and clutch housing. DO NOT damage boot. Ensure fluid level in clutch fluid reservoir is.35-.47" (9-12 mm) from top of reservoir (unless hydraulic system is being replaced). While pushing clutch actuator cylinder into clutch housing, rotate clutch actuator cylinder 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Remove clutch
actuator cylinder from housing.

6. Remove 2 nuts securing clutch hydraulic damper to clutch housing. Wire actuator cylinder and damper to battery tray. DO NOT allow cylinder to hang free while removing transaxle. Wire radiator to upper radiator support to hold radiator in place when cradle is removed.

7. Install Engine Support Bar Assembly (SA9105E). Raise and support vehicle. Drain transaxle. Remove front wheels and inner splash shields. Remove braces securing lower fascia to cradle (if equipped). Remove front engine splash shield.

8. Near pulley end of engine, remove fasteners securing engine strut cradle bracket to cradle. Remove nut securing transaxle mount to cradle. Remove nuts securing front exhaust pipe to manifold. Remove bolts securing front exhaust pipe to catalytic converter.

9. Remove front exhaust pipe. Support steering gear with safety wire. Remove fasteners securing steering gear to cradle. Near steering gear, remove push-pin securing brake tube to center of cradle. Remove bolts and bracket securing engine to transaxle, near right drive shaft output. Remove clutch housing dust cover.

CAUTION: On models with ABS, speed sensor ring on outer CV joint may be damaged if incorrect tool or procedure is used to separate lower ball joints. DO NOT use wedge-type ball joint separator, as seal may be damaged.

10. Remove cotter pin from lower ball joint stud. Loosen ball joint nut until top of nut is even with stud threads. Using Joint Separator (SA9132S), separate lower ball joint from steering knuckle. Pull lower control arm down and remove nut. Repeat this step on opposite side of vehicle.

11. Using large screwdriver or pry bar, partially separate left axle shaft from transaxle, being careful to prevent damaging shaft seal. Install Axle Seal Protector (SA91112T). Place 2 pieces of 4 X 4 X 36" lumber on power train support dolly. Position dolly under cradle and power train assembly. Remove 4 bolts securing cradle to body. Partially lower cradle and power train assembly from vehicle.

NOTE: There are 2 large spacing washers between cradle and body at 2 rear cradle attachments. To keep from losing washers, attach washers to cradle with wire or tape.

12. Securely support transaxle with jack. Remove 2 lower bolts securing transaxle to engine. Install guide bolt into bottom rear clutch housing bolt hole. Separate transaxle from engine enough to clear intermediate shaft. Lower transaxle.

13. Remove release fork from transaxle. Remove release bearing from release fork. Loosen pressure plate bolts in a crisscross pattern to prevent pressure plate distortion. Remove pressure plate bolts, pressure plate and clutch disc.
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