February, 13, 2006 AT 6:57 PM

I have a 96 SL2 with a manual transmission with about 200000 miles on it. I get two grinding noises. The first started happening a while back. Whenever I'm on the interstate going about 65 mph, there is a point where I hold the gas pedal down to cruise and I hear a grinding noise. If I release the pedal or increase the speed it stops. I hear a similar noise whenever I'm changing gears. Is it possibly the throwout bearing in the transmission?

The other noise is only when the car is cold and I first start driving it. When I turn the wheel to the left there is a harsh grinding sound on the right side of the vehicle. Sounds like a joint but the CV boots look ok. After driving the car for a few minutes the sound stops. Any advice would be helpful.



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February, 14, 2006 AT 5:29 PM

Could be the hub bearings



February, 15, 2006 AT 9:35 AM

Jack is refering to the wheel bearings that are part of the hub that the wheel bolts to. Raise the wheel off the ground, put a jack stand underneath the frame for safety and then try and rock the wheel with your hands at 12 and 6. Try pulling out and pushing in also. If you feel movement chances are good you will need the bearing. Moderate difficaulty to replace.

Check the cv joints by turning the steering wheel all the way in both directions and listen for clicking while turning.

Haven't had a standard shift since 1971 so don't know to much av==bout checking a throwout bearing.

Good luck and let us know. 8)



February, 21, 2006 AT 6:45 PM

It's me. Issue resolved on both counts. Broken motor mount! : P



February, 21, 2006 AT 6:48 PM

Thanxs for the update.

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