March, 26, 2007 AT 7:41 AM

We have a saturn sc2, 2001, with roughly 100,000 mileson it. When going into reverse the car seems to rev up slightly and slam into gear ( also a slight delay in shifting into gear) there is also some timeS when accel. It will bang into the next gear. We are now getting a whirring/squealing noise untill its into overdrive. TRANSMISSION PUMP?

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March, 26, 2007 AT 10:06 AM

Only way to know for sure is to pressure test it, pull the pan off and see if there is any clutch material or metal in the fluid.



March, 30, 2007 AT 9:39 PM

Saturn trannies are kinda weird. They are sort of a hybrid using solenoids to shift gears.

That said they are prone to a condition called " revese slam". This is caused by either gummed up or worn reverse passage in the valve body. Now if the condition has not been ignored for too long there is a possible (not 100% but not bad) inexpensive cure.

In the beginning you get the reverse slam. The cure reguires a tranny fluid change, with the additive of your choice, and letting it idle in reverse for a certain period of time. If you are interested it trying this let me know and I will post the exact procedure.

If this does not work after 2 attempts it is time for a valve body rebuild and replacement. As things deteriorate the nut on the input shaft will normally back off. You know have to rev the engine just to get it in reverse. Time for a pro unless you are up to the task of removing the end cover and re-torque the nut.

Lastly if let go too long you have no reverse and forward is acting up. Especially 2nd gear as it shares it's clutch with reverse. Time for a toal rebuild.

Saturn's automatic transmisions should have their fluid changed at prescribed intervals using Saturn OEM filters and synthetic trans fluid. This will insure long life.

Good luck and let us know. : )



April, 17, 2007 AT 11:30 AM

Thanks for the information on this, it most likley was the valve body, but the pinion pin came loose and wore a hole on the casing which in return lost all the fluid and my daughter continued to drive, resulting in a rebuild, I love my daughter!
Thanks to all !

These are not fun trannys to swap out

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