1995 SAAB 900 Dont hear the fuel pump turn on, fuel filter

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  • 1995 SAAB 900

Noises problem
1995 Saab 900 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

is it true you can some how access the fuel filter from the seat instead of getting under the car? I dont wanna mess with it if not I am tecnically disabled and have to figure out an easy way, already done multiple tests its the filter clogged or the pump but it still starts for 1/2 second and other times sounds like its out of gas

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Thursday, March 26th, 2009 AT 11:55 AM

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Sounds like the fuel pump is faulty !

Removal & Installation
Relieve fuel pressure. See FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE RELEASE. Raise and support vehicle. Disconnect and plug hoses from fuel tank. Remove fuel filter mounting clamp. Support fuel tank and remove fuel tank mounting straps. Lower right side of fuel tank slowly until top becomes visible.
Disconnect fuel lines from fuel tank and body to prevent damage to fuel lines. Unplug connector from fuel pump. Disconnect supply and return lines from fuel pump. Remove fuel tank from vehicle.
Use Pump Holder (83-94-462 ) on fuel pump to hold pump while unscrewing retaining ring. Remove retaining ring. Lift fuel pump approximately 2" (50 mm) from tank, and turn 80 clockwise to remove. Remove and discard "O" ring from fuel tank recess.
To install, lubricate NEW fuel pump "O" ring with petroleum jelly. Ensure alignment marks on fuel pump and fuel tank are aligned. Tighten retaining ring to 55 Ft. Lbs. (75 N.M). Inspect fuel line "O" rings and replace if necessary. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure

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Friday, April 24th, 2009 AT 4:25 AM

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