1990 Pontiac Sunbird



March, 27, 2008 AT 9:12 AM

Electrical problem
1990 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 245000 miles

I have a problem with my fuel pump fuse keeps blowing out I had the fuel pump replaced and had the car at the garage a couple of times they can, t find the problem. There seems to be a short someplace but cant find where it is. The problem started the day I had replaced the heater core. I also had put in a new head gasket a couple weeks before the problem started.

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master tech dan

March, 27, 2008 AT 9:19 AM

You need to find a shop that main does just wiring you have a short or the ground/s were left off in one of the jobs done



April, 27, 2008 AT 5:19 PM

Try looking behind the fuse box. It hinges down and swings toward you.( From the bottom ) If its not secure, the wiring behind it may work loose. The fuse for the fuel pump I think is top center of the box. Right where the hinge is.

May solve your problem, my wipers did the exact same thing, and thats all it was.


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