Pontiac Grand Am



November, 28, 2007 AT 12:26 PM

2000 grand am 2.4 with 165,000 miles.
This car has and was running great. One time I went to start it and as I turned the key my hand slipped of the key as soon as it started to engage. Just barely bumped the starter (had a wrist injury at the time).
Went to start it again and it would not turn over. I can turn the key on and bump start it at the starter with a screwdriver, but it will not turn over with the key. I replaced the ignition switch thinkingg that may have been the problem but it was not. Could it be the starter?


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November, 28, 2007 AT 6:39 PM

Can you check for voltage at the starter relay while someone is holding the key in the start posiiton, if there is 12v gettign to it then all before that is good. But if 12v is not reaching the starter, then I would replace the starter relay.

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