1996 Pontiac Grand Am



January, 31, 2007 AT 4:39 PM

I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT, about 120,000 miles on it. A while ago, the speedometer started shaking while I was driving, and then just fell to zero. It would come back, then shake, and fall to zero again over and over for about a week or so. Then one day, I started the car, and every gauge went dead and all the lights on the sides lit up. I am now matching the speed of traffic as my speedometer always reads zero, and I am filling up every 260 miles since my odometer is the only thing left working (gas gauge of course also reads zero). I only know the basics with cars, so all I did was check the fuses, check to see if any wires I could see under the hood were broken or disconnected, and also got the computer read for error codes (it found none). The shops I bring it to tell me that they charge a base fee of 100 dollars just to try and find an electrical problem, even if they cant find it and cant solve it! Any ideas?


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January, 31, 2007 AT 6:17 PM

I just got over dealing with a similar problem. It sounds like to me that your instrument cluster is dead. When it happened to me I took my car to a pontiac dealership to get it fixed, cost about $500 to fix(of course most of it was labor costs).



February, 1, 2007 AT 11:02 AM

I googled " 96 grand am instrument cluster" and found that there are a few services that will repair your instrument cluster if you mail it to them. The one I looked at charge 179 dollars including shipping each way. I also saw that on ebay and other sites they sell instrument clusters for my car, some as low as 30 dollars. Are these are scams? Do they have any chance of working to solve the problem?



February, 1, 2007 AT 10:30 PM

I had this same issue, I was driving and all of a sudden every gauge dropped to zero and every light came on.

I took it to the garage immediately and the mechanic was able to repair the car by the next day. Think it was linked to the alternator, starter or something else. I would have to find the paperwork it happened 3 yrs ago on my 1999 Grand Am.

Good Luck



February, 6, 2007 AT 7:54 AM

I see you are in Neb. There is a place called AER in Placentia, California, they are a GM authorized reman center for electronics. If yo mail them your cluster, they will set the odometer on a reman and mail it right back to you. They do great work, never had a problem yet (over 10 yrs). Dont suggest E-Bay, you are probably buying the same problem you already have

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