1992 Plymouth Acclaim



July, 28, 2010 AT 12:57 AM

Engine Performance problem
1992 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cyl

how do change the fuel pump

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July, 28, 2010 AT 1:02 AM


It is necessary to remove the fuel tank from the vehicle to replace the fuel pump. Follow fuel tank removal procedure.
See: Fuel Tank

Fuel Pump Service


Using a hammer and a non metallic punch carefully tap lock ring counter clockwise to release pump.
Remove fuel pump and 0-ring seal from tank. Discard old seal and pump inlet filter. Installation
Wipe seal area of tank clean and place a new 0-ring seal in position on pump.
Before installing pump always install a new filter on the end of suction tube.
Position fuel pump in tank with locking ring.
Using a hammer and non metallic punch drive ring around clockwise to lock pump in place. CAUTION: Extreme care should be exercised not to overtighten pump as it could leak.
Install tank.


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