A/C Blowing Hot and Cold

I have a 99 Olds Intrigue, 95000 miles with dual climate control. When the A/C is running, the driver side blows hot air but the passenger side blows cold air. What might be causing this?
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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 AT 6:41 PM

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I found this bulletin that describes your problem and how to fix it. Good luck


Some customers may comment on a temperature variation between the left and right hand ducts. Typical concerns may include that the right side of the vehicle cools down but the left stays warm or the opposite. This condition is sometimes associated by the customer with a recent service visit for other non-related repairs. The codes, DTC 80361 or B0441, may be present but will not illuminate a telltale lamp.


The HVAC controller unit and the TEMP door actuator motors rely on a feedback system that supplies the controller with count values in order to accurately adjust the air temperature. When battery power is interrupted to the HVAC controller, the current actuator position values are lost. When power is restored, the controller will perform a "sweep test" of the doors from full cold to full hot and record the end values for reference. Over time, the TEMP doors may develop some flexing when run to their extremes. This flexing allows the count values to run out of range (beyond 0-255) and results in DTC code 80361 or 80441 to set.


A revised HVAC controller has been released with new programming that allows for a wider tolerance in the expected range of the TEMP door. Replace the controller using the procedure below:

Important : On the 1997 Buick Century and Regal, additional steps are required. You will have to run a jumper wire to the new HVAC controller. Be sure to follow the additional 1997 model year steps below.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Important : On the Buick Regal, the console must first be removed to access the HVAC controller For Buick Century and Oldsmobile Intrigue, skip to Step 10.

2. Apply the parking brake and block wheels.

3. Shift the transmission to first gear.

4. Remove the console trim plate and disconnect the electrical harness.

5. Disconnect the cigarette lighter sockets.

6. Remove the console storage box.

7. Remove the console control plate and disconnect electrical harness for traction control and heated seats, if equipped.

8. Remove the console retaining bolts.

9. Remove the console from the vehicle.

10. Remove the HVAC trim panel, if equipped.

11. Remove the HVAC controller retaining bolts.

12. Disconnect the electrical harness.

13. Discard the HVAC controller.

Important :At this point, you must refer to the 1997 Buick section below if working on that model and year.

The section below includes steps to revise vehicle wiring to enable HVAC controller backlighting.

14. If the vehicle is a 1997 Buick Century or Regal, refer to the section below titled 1997 Buicks (Enabling Backlighting Circuit).

15. Connect the HVAC controller electrical harness and install the controller retaining bolts.

16. Install the control module trim plate, if equipped. Skip to Step 23 for the Buick Century and Oldsmobile Intrigue. Continue below for the Buick Regal.

17. Install the console to the vehicle.

18. Install the console retaining bolts.

19. Install the console control plate and connect the electrical harness for traction control and heated seats, if equipped.

20. Install the console storage box.

21. Connect the cigarette lighter sockets.

22. Install the console trim plate and connect the electrical harness.

23. Shift the transmission to PARK and unblock the wheels.

24. Connect the negative battery cable.

Additional Steps for 1997 Buicks (Enabling Backlighting Circuit)

1. Remove the radio retaining bolts.

2. Remove the radio and disconnect the electrical harness.

3. Prepare an 457.2 mm (18 in) long, 18 gauge jumper wire. If multiple colors are available, it would be the most convenient to use grey to continue the backlighting circuit in the same color.

4. Locate and splice one end of the jumper wire to the grey wire occupying pin location F4 at the radio harness.

5. Position the radio back into the I/P and route the jumper wire down to the HVAC controller harness location.

6. Using a new terminal (GM P/N 12146447 Micro-Pak.35-.50), attach and install the other end of the jumper wire into cavity C16 of the HVAC controller harness. The row and column position indications are molded into the body of the HVAC controller at the harness location.

7. Connect the electrical harness to the HVAC controller.

8. Connect the negative battery cable and test the HVAC backlighting by turning on the headlamps and varying the backlighting intensity.

9. Install the radio retaining bolts.

10. Install the I/P upper trim panel.

11. Refer back to Step 15 of the Correction section to complete the procedure. (You will have already connected the electrical harness).
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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006 AT 5:50 PM

Great addition to this thread! Please feel free to help out on the site whenever it can add information that will help.

I have found that it is the blend door actuator that has failed which is super common, here is a guide to help you get the problem fixed.


Best, Ken
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Friday, March 24th, 2017 AT 1:24 PM

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