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My car wont start. I turn the key the lights go on but the engine wont turn over. My husband thinks it is the starter but we dont know where it is located. Can anyone help. Also, could it be the key, someone told me that the chip inside the key sometimes (if broke) will not start the car. How can you tell if it is the key or is it the starter? Thanks

Friday, March 31st, 2006 AT 12:18 PM

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The starter is under the engine on the transmission side. You need a tech to go across the starter solonoid to veryify that it is good.

The Theft Deterrent system is another issue. You need a good elecrical tech to check it out. The key chip is nothing more than a resister than matches with the TD module to allow thew car to start. It controls the starter through it's own relay and the fuel injection through the module.

There are two fuses to the module, one in the relay center (under the right side of the dash) I think it is fuse 8 and another in the inside fuse box, I think it is fuse 4.

Good Luck

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Friday, March 31st, 2006 AT 1:22 PM

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