1996 Mercury Marquis



January, 22, 2006 AT 2:28 PM

Having a problem with my 1996 Mercury marquises turn signal. If I engage the turn signal completely(left or right turn) where it will automatically return to neutral position. It doesn't work! If I engage the turn signal partially where the Arrow on the panel is just illuminated and blinking it works fine. The owner's manual shows the plug-in Flasher located under the dashboard with the fuses. But it's not their, just a vacant slot. Had local mechanic check, and he indicated the Flasher was located in a separate module that cost close to $350. Since the turn signal works when I do not completely engaged it, could it be something other than this expensive module?

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January, 22, 2006 AT 7:43 PM

It could be the switch assembly itself. You can buy most of these at your local auto parts store. Napa carries them for most models and years



January, 22, 2006 AT 8:21 PM

There is no " Flasher module" that costs 350$. Somebody is not being totaly honest with you. Every US car has 2 flashers.1 for emergency flashers, and 1 for regular flashers. They cost about 4-12$ depending on whether you get a mechanical or an electrical flasher ( either will work ). The problem is probably the turn signal lever assembly on the steering column. Auto parts stores carry these. The price varies depending on what other functions it provides ( cruise, wipers, etc.)

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