!995 MX3 stalls when slowing down

  • 1999 MAZDA MX5
I just bought a 1995 MX3 Percidia, it has 112000 kilos on the 1.6L engine, It's also a 5 spd. I took it out last night for it's first drive...... stalled everytime i had to gear down, stalled when i came to a stop. The check engine light came on aswell.

while i was getting it ready for certify, i would start it up when cold the fast idle would kick in, and gradually decrease as the engine warmed up and come to rest at 7-800rpm, if i kick the throttle it would come back down to 7-800 rpm. No chance of stalling, i pulled out of the driveway and it calfed, almost no throttle response (had a hard time keeping it running).
I have checked for vaccum hose broken or collapsed....none found, I haven't figured out how to pull codes out of this car yet.....I'm used to GM's this is my first import. I did notice the air breather housing under the filter is cracked....but that shouldn't mess up the mass air flow sensor? should it?

I am kind of at a loss not to knowledgeable with imports, can anybody help me out with this please


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Monday, January 15th, 2007 AT 2:04 PM

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Well first of all find out what fault code is in the PCM causing the CEL to come on.

Also take a really really good look at the intake air tube going from the air box to the throttle body. Look for any cracks in the corrigation of the tube. If there is any cracks through it, it will cause something like what you are describing.

I won't be surprised if you find a code for a coolant temp sensor.

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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 AT 6:02 AM

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