1996 Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension


Suspension problem
1996 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 185000 miles

Where is the air compressor for the suspension? Only thing I find that looks it could be the compressor has some lines routed to the brake master clylinder and is located under the engine air filter. I have the air springs out, the height sensor collasped, all fuses good, and suspension switch in trunk on. Trying to test the compressor before ordering parts. None of the air suspension fuses were blown. The right air spring had started leaking down and I have elected to replace both. I don't see any type air dryer near the unit I described above as is pictured in some parts houses.
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Hi cdbluhog, Welcome to 2carpros and TY for the donation

Its on lower left front of engine compartment-see item no. 23

1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
2. Turn air suspension switch to OFF position.
3. Remove air cleaner housing assembly as follows:

1. Loosen air tube to throttle body clamp, then remove air tube end.
2. Unfasten air cleaner lid attaching clips, then remove air cleaner lid.
3. Remove air filter element.
4. Remove 2 outer and 1 inner lower air cleaner assembly attaching nuts.
5. Remove lower air cleaner assembly.

4. Remove air compressor and dryer assembly splash shield and pushpins.
5. Push dryer air line retainer inward, then pull air line outward to remove.
6. Disconnect compressor electrical connectors.
7. Raise and support vehicle.
8. Remove compressor to fender apron attaching nuts.
9. Lower vehicle.
10. Remove compressor and dryer assembly.
11. Reverse to procedure install.[img]


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