1982 Jaguar XJS



July, 10, 2008 AT 3:21 AM

Engine Performance problem
1982 Jaguar XJS V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 78000 miles

The warning light started to illuminate at low revs recently. The oil pressure gauge shows normal operating pressure. The dipstick indicates that there is adequate oil. There has been a minor oil leak for the two years I have owned the car, but it loses very little oil, probably less than a pint over 6 months. Recently the oil warning light is coming on at higher revs as well.

Is it the sender/switch? If so, how easy is it to replace it? Where is it located?

Thanks in advance.


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July, 14, 2008 AT 8:56 AM

The problem is most likely your switch. The oil pressure gauge is notorious for showing lower than actual pressure. So if your gauge is showing good pressure, you most likley have better oil pressure than what it is showing. I just replaced my switch 5 days ago, its fairly easy. On the rear center of the engine behind and below the throttle linkage is a pedestal with 2 oil pressure sensors. Each with one wire connected to then. The oil presure switch for the light is sticking out at an angle from the pedestal on the right/passenger side of the pedestal. I dont recall the socket size to remove it. On the rear of the engine is an intake crossover pipe that might need to be removed to replace the sensor, just a hose clamp. The sensors are cheap to replace. I got mine for 6 dollars from " import parts specialist", also " rock auto" might have them. Good luck.



July, 15, 2008 AT 3:08 AM

Thanks Shadowfox. The part is on order, and I'll try fitting it as soon as it arrives.

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