1999 Jaguar XJ8



October, 2, 2009 AT 9:35 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Jaguar XJ8 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic


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Dave H

December, 31, 2009 AT 9:41 PM

Removal & Installation (1998 XJR, XJ8 & XK8)
NOTE: Removal and installation procedures for 1999-2000 models are not available from manufacturer.

Remove fuel tank. See FUEL TANK. Disconnect evaporative breather hose. See Fig. 4. Using Lock Ring Wrench (JD174), remove locking ring from evaporative flange.
Disconnect fuel pump wiring harness connector. Using Fuel Tank Hose Clip Driver (JD175), disconnect fuel hoses from fuel pump. Remove fuel pump and pump mounting rubber from support bracket.
Remove tie wrap from pump mounting rubber. Using a twisting motion, lift and remove fuel pump. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure pump is fully seated in mounting bracket inside fuel tank.
Fig. 4: Identifying Fuel Pump & Components (Typical)
Courtesy of JAGUAR CARS, INC.
NOTE: Fuel tank removal and installation procedure for XK8 is not available from manufacturer.

Removal & Installation (S-Type)
Drain fuel tank. Remove driveshaft. Disconnect fuel tank harness connector. Remove fuel filler pipe-to-fuel tank hose.
Disconnect EVAP hose. Support fuel tank and remove fuel tank support strap bolts. Remove fuel tank.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten fuel tank support strap bolts to 26 ft. Lbs. (35 N.M).
Removal (XJR & XJ8)
Tips Click a link to view tip
Tech1Tip: fuel tank removal
Tech1Question: Fuel tank removal

Remove battery. Remove trunk floor carpet. Remove trunk front liner. Remove rear lamp assembly interior trim cover. Remove trunk seal retainer. Remove trunk side liners.
Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE. Using Fuel Line Remover (JD-203), disconnect fuel feed line from fuel pulse damper, located at rear of engine compartment. Using a suitable pump connected to fuel feed line, drain fuel tank.
Raise and support vehicle. Disconnect fuel lines from tank. Disconnect fuel filler door latch box drain hose from clip on spare tire well. Lower vehicle. Disconnect left rear lamp and fuel door latch harness connectors. Disconnect left side marker lamp harness connector and pull harness with grommet through trunk floor access hole.
Pull trunk harness from between fuel filler pipe and breather pipe. Disconnect all fuel tank harness connectors. Remove fuel filler door latch box drain hose. Disconnect vapor outlet pipe from left side of tank. Remove retaining ring and disconnect fuel filler pipe from fuel filler door latch box.
Loosen fuel tank retaining strap nuts. Remove fuel tank retaining strap bolts. Support trunk lid and disconnect left trunk strut lower pivot, if necessary. Disconnect trunk ground wire from vehicle body above fuel tank. Remove fuel tank.


kansas cat

August, 5, 2010 AT 8:54 AM

I am now facing the same situation and have this same question. How do you get to the fuel lines under the fuel tank to disconnect them? It appears that one has to drop the entire rear end assy down in order to get to them. Shurly not even Jaguar would be that stupid. What special tool will I need to get them disconnected and where can it be obtained? Thanks

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