2001 Jaguar S-Type



May, 18, 2010 AT 4:14 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Jaguar S-Type V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

If the car is left for more than 10 minutes, it has a tough time starting. Usually it takes 2 cranks to get the car started. I would smell gas or exhaust during the starting period, but then it runs perfect. Note if I turn off the car then trying to start it within the 10 minutes everything starts properly. Also if I disconnect the negative terminal for 20 seconds to reset computer, the starting problems are solved. Then after a couple of days somehow the starting problems comes again. I've already replaced the ECT sensor with no change. Whatever the problem is, it is time sensitive Please advise


1 Answer


Dave H

May, 31, 2010 AT 5:26 AM

Is the vehicle showing a check engine light?. Replace the air filter and clean or replace the MAF (mass airflow) sensor. Also have the fuel pressure checked

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