Honda Civic



March, 19, 2006 AT 11:33 AM

Where on a 1993 honda civic lx would I raise the Idle? Throttle body? Fuel rail? Tranny was just replaced and has idled low since. Think this will solve problem.

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March, 19, 2006 AT 11:55 AM

I'll try again just because I like you. The ajustment is at the cable holder or the throttle body. Look for a cable running to the throttle body, pull on the cable not the housing and see if the rpm goes up. There will be two nuts on the cable holder. Loosen the one closest to the throttle body then tighten the one at the holder. On some throttle bodies there is a screw on the throttle lever on the throttle body. Look for the air filter housing and trace it to the throttle body.
Adjust it when the engine is warm and idle is at it's lowest. If you get the idle to high you will have a much longer warm up time until the idle speed drops.

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