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Hi. I have a 1993 honda civic si and it has 220,000 kms on the engine. I have inherited this car from my brother and it was running in perfect condition until one day it just completely died. That week, the speedometer needle would sometime drop dead to zero for a while then come back on after a few minutes then the odometer also stop and come back on after a while. I was gonna get it looked at but didnt get the chance, one day I was driving home and just a block away from my place, the radio started messing up, it would die then come back on just like the speedometer and odometer. Right away I thought it had something to do with the battery, I remembered my brother mentioning to get it replaced since hes had for a long long time and it was time to get it replaced. Minute later it died! Completely.I tried re starting it I can hear the clicking but it wont go over. The car still had power which I thought was weird but it was slowly dying. I had a frend come to boost the car but no success. We bought a new battery but we thought wrong. Theres something else wrong with the car. I've been asking a few people and also calling some local shops to get an idea of what could be wrong. But cant get a clear answer bcuz they want to check the car first. Which gives me another problem, I have to pay for towing just to take the car to a shop and im worried that I might not even have enough money to have it repaired.I just cant take that chance right now, they said it could be the alternator, timing belt or it could be simply just be the spark plugs. I really need help guys, I dont know anything about engine problems at all and im on a tight budget here. So any suggestions or help or any info at all would be great! Thanks. :D

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007 AT 9:16 PM

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Use rubber gloves pull 1 plug wire from the plug, stick a paper clip from the metal inside of the boot and aim the other end of the paper clip a 1/4 " away from a clean metal surface. If u see no arc. U need a shop. Let me know and msg me. We'll gp from there.

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Sunday, February 25th, 2007 AT 3:22 AM

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