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I Drive a 93 Honda Accord Lx and recently(3 months) it doesn't want to go into gear. It's so bad that at a stand still if the car's in gear and I'm depressing the clutch it moves at an almost unoticable creep. Revving the motor makes the car move at a more noticable pace. It engages with gear touching gear it feels, and makes two clicks at times when I have to use slight pressure over a period of about three seconds in which it usually clicks a second apart starting after the first. If I stop after the first click, it grinds slightlyand doesn't feel to be engaged at all (never really tested it, as a precaution). I do sometimes grind the gears power shifting. I usually time it perfectly on the rev between gears and sometimes it still doesn't wanna go. 3rd gear is my worst, thats my peed off passing gear. I'm taking it pretty easy on it though. If I drive in low revs I can still feel slight resistance but it doesn't fuss, it pretty much goes into gear.
I have replaced my clutch about 8 months ago and my slave cylinder between a year and year and a half ago.(I have bled the clutch line, mutiple times. There's not a spongy bone in my clutch's body. It's just as tight as when new, perfect pressure all the way.

PS. My motor burns oil, so I'm planning to also do a engine rebuild or just change my piston rings and valves. (Am I missing any components for my oil burn fix? Not too much engine experience)
I'm also adding a turbo, a fairly large turbo as well, and I'm curious as to if you can tell me anything else (since I'm in the process rebuild allready) that I might want to replace with higher performance parts to accomadate the higher compression.
I greatly appreciate any help.
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Thursday, June 15th, 2006 AT 11:44 PM

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Sounds like you love your car. If you have bleed out the air from the clutch system and your sure it's not leaking, then I would check for a bent clutch fork. Slamming gears over the years could have slowly bent that thing to hell and it's probably in need of replacement. If not that, then you need to replace the clutch, a wise idea anyway if your going to put in a turbo. The stock Honda clutch is no match for any sort of power maker, believe me, I know.
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Saturday, June 17th, 2006 AT 8:11 PM

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